Nature is the Best to Deal with Carbon Emissions

The well respected and internationally recognised, The Mulloon Institute (TMI), has called on the Federal Government to better target emission reduction funding by focussing on nature based solutions.

“Currently, complicated bureaucratic processes dominate the systems put in place to supposedly reduce emissions,” The Mulloon Institute’s Chairman, Gary Nairn, explained.

“However, simply assisting landholders to repair and rehydrate catchments will result in a much better solution.

“With a little bit of help Nature will do the rest and Nature is far better equipped to pull excess carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in the soil,” he said.

“Landscape repair and rehydration in line with Natural Sequence Farming guru Peter Andrews’ design together with innovative farm management has not only produced rehydrated land it has delivered improved water flow and quality and importantly increased carrying capacity and agricultural productivity.

“TMI’s Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project (MCLRP), east of Canberra, has been recognised by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network for all these qualities and so I’m urging the Federal Government to get on board and help other degraded landscapes across the country to follow suit,” Gary Nairn continued.

“Acting on this now will see massive improvement in a matter of a few years and guess what – emissions will be absorbed naturally, thus keeping Australia compliant with the Paris Agreement,” he said.