The Mulloon Institute - Canberra Region

As a conventional farmer with 6000 acres of farmland, Tony Coote knew first-hand how dehydrated Australia’s land had become. Inspired by the work of Peter Andrews – an acclaimed farmer able to convert drought-ridden land into green and fertile pasture – Tony and his wife decided to convert to regenerative farming methods. Their success has inspired countless other farmers, leading to the establishment of The Mulloon Institute in 2011.

ABC Radio Canberra: 09/05/2018

It was a few years ago that the United Nations singled out five very important projects from right across the globe that can affect positive change for the agriculture and food industries. One of the five is at Mulloon Creek near Braidwood where they’ve implemented a radical environmental approach to farming. Jolene Laverty speaks with Chairman of The Mulloon Institute, Gary Nairn AO.

Soils for Life:  Tony Coote - The Farmer

A new way of farming which began 11 years ago and boosted productivity by 60 per cent has been adopted by an entire catchment measuring 23,000 hectares near Canberra. Video from Soils for Life, an Outcomes Australia Project.

ABC Rural Radio: 15/09/16

The Mulloon Institute's Chairman, Gary Nairn AO, recently provided a presentation at the UN Sustainable Development Goals’ Summit in Sydney.  Following that very successful event Gary was interviewed by ABC Radio Rural, the hour long podcast went to air on the 15th September 2016.

The Mulloon Institute: A Documentary

The Mulloon Institute - Film by Johannah McOwan 

The Australian Soil Story

Founder of the Mulloon Institute, Tony Coote narrates 'A Soil Story'. Video by Kiss the Ground

Re-Hydrating the Landscape

Founder of The Mulloon Institute, Tony Coote, speaks about repairing and rehydrating his farm to bring it back to fertility and stability.