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Welcome to The Mulloon Institute

The Mulloon Institute is an independent and ‘Not-for-Profit’ registered Environment Organization with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and Charity status.

Our aim is to make ‘Holistic Landscape Management’ a mainstream practice for sustainable and profitable agricultural businesses. Agriculture can only sustainably produce healthy food for a growing population in the long term if it acts as an integral part of the entire ecological system. In this context the health of soil systems is a critical element for thriving and resilient ecologies, the key platform for nutritious food supplies and therefore future human health.

Our focus:

  • Building resilience into our environmental systems through Regeneration of Soils, Rehydration of Landscapes and Cultivation of Biodiversity
  • Re-establishing the vital links between sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition through leading edge land regeneration projects, applied research, education and the creation of public awareness
 To reverse the trends of rapid soil loss and deteriorating human health wide ranging changes to land management and human behavioural patterns are required.

The Mulloon Institute brings to this challenge:

  • 20+ years of practical experience in healing landscapes
  • Wealth of Intellectual Property from years of leading edge scientific research projects conducted on its land, the associated Mulloon Creek Natural Farms
  • Access to top experts through its partnerships with leading universities and research bodies
  • Guidance from its advisory boards of respected scientists, agriculturalists and business leaders
The Mulloon Institute is acutely aware of the multifaceted challenges, which need to be overcome to successfully reverse these trends and to start rebuilding our environmental support systems. Only a holistic approach integrating all interdependencies and involving all societal groups including indigenous people, farmers, governments, business, consumer groups, science and medicine will produce the huge momentum required to bring about the necessary large scale change. A successful implementation will deliver significant environmental, societal and economic benefits.

Our day-to-day work:

  • Developing sustainable agri-businesses based simultaneously on soil and financial resilience
  • Regenerating landscapes and providing support for land regeneration projects
  • Running research projects on the farm
  • Providing education and training
  • Advocating an urgent repositioning of the food system to its central role in supporting societal and environmental health

Our strategic work:

  • Engaging leaders from all areas of society into holistic thinking about integrated food systems by asking questions from new angles and based on new scientific knowledge
  • Holding conferences with participation from cross-sectional leaders to brainstorm solutions and stimulate discussions
  • Listening to the indigenous people and incorporating their deep wisdom into our solutions. In turn providing and teaching modern technologies and processes to enable them to enhance the value of their assets and Intellectual Property
  • Developing a multipurpose envisioning tool to manage the complexity of all the interdependencies of the soil/food/health system. ‘The Mulloon Simulator’ will be a powerful aide when it comes to finding new solutions and leading change

Niall Blair Visits Mulloon

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