Bird Survey Results - Autumn 2018

Three red robin species have been spotted during this autumn’s bird survey along Mulloon Creek. The Flame and Scarlet Robins are threatened species, while the Red-capped Robins are rare or declining. Drought is the most likely reason the Red-capped Robins have appeared this year, as they typically occur much further west. 

With very low rainfall over the last 12 months there are now many dry sections along Mulloon Creek, resulting in lower overall bird species richness and abundance. While this trend was mostly detected at sites in the mid sections of Mulloon Creek, some sites at Home Farm and Duralla had similar and sometimes higher species richness, but the overall abundance of birds at these ‘better’ sites was generally slightly lower than 2017.

White-winged Triller, Red-browed Finch, Eastern Yellow Robin, Azure Kingfisher, Restless Flycatcher, Lathams Snipe, Red-capped Robin.

Dusky Woodswallow, Diamond Firetail, Flame Robin, Scarlet Robin, Gang-gang Cockatoo.

The sighting of a Swamp Harrier just north of the Kings Highway was another noteworthy observation. Despite very low water levels, three Platypus were also observed – two on Home Farm and a third near the Mulloon Road crossing.

Thanks to Damon Oliver from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage for undertaking these important surveys.

Photos by Mulloon landholder Antony Mulhall.