Mulloon Creek - Baseline Bird Survey Results

Threatened Scarlet Robins and Gang-gang Cockatoos were amongst the birds recorded in a survey along a 20km stretch of the Mulloon Creek catchment in NSW.

Over 70 species of birds were discovered, including the rare or declining White-winged Triller, Red-browed Finch, Eastern Yellow Robin, Azure Kingfisher, Restless Flycatcher, and Lathams Snipe. Threatened bird species also included the Dusky Woodswallow and Diamond Firetail, plus platypus were recorded in several locations.

The baseline surveys form part of the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project, which aims to rebuild the catchment’s natural landscape function and boost its resilience against climatic extremes. The project will also lead to more reliable stream flows, improved ecosystem functioning and enhanced agricultural productivity.

The survey results are encouraging for the Mulloon catchment, and with further remedial works and tree plantings happening in the riparian zone, wetlands and surrounding landscape, species diversity and bird numbers are expected to rise.

Huge thanks to Damon Oliver from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage who leads the South East Ecosystems and Threatened Species team. Damon conducted the surveys at 17 sites (transacts) along the Mulloon Creek during November 2015, January 2017, and May 2017.

Thanks also to Antony Mulhall who gave us permission to publish his wonderful photos of birdlife along Mulloon Creek.

Click here for a map of the survey site locations.