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Landscape Rehydration - Introductory Workshop

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Plants and water have been working together for 3.5 billion years to create our landscapes, fertile soils, amazing biodiversity and comfortable climate. The quality of the plant–water cycle relationship directly impacts on the health and productivity of your property, and yourself. While this invaluable plant–water relationship that has driven evolution is now breaking down at every scale, there are things we can do to turn it around. 

Join Peter Hazell from The Mulloon Institute for an introduction to the theory and practice of landscape rehydration, and learn some practical measures that can be applied at your place. 

You will learn:

·      The difference between a hydrated & a dehydrated landscape.

·      How landscape function & fertility is affected.

·      How the water cycle is affected.

·      How plants & the water cycle work together to harness and dissipate energy.

·      How to recognise & read the natural patterns & processes that build functional landscapes.

·      How to rebuild a functional & resilient landscape to help address soil erosion & build fertility.

·      How YOU can rebuild the natural fertility of the landscape, for the benefit of agriculture & the environment.

Please bring:

·       BYO lunch and snacks

·       Appropriate clothing for outside on the farm – water bottle, hat, sunscreen and sturdy shoes.

·       Notepad and pen for taking notes.

·       Notes will be sent out via email post event. 


One day workshop, $286, via

During September & October Agtalent is giving away 40 x $500 vouchers to spend on approved training programs, including this one. There will be 5 winners per week from the 11th of September, so get in quick!

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