The Mulloon Institute joins United Nations sustainable development initiative

Big news! We're thrilled to announce that The Mulloon Institute's key project, the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project (MCLRP) has been selected as one of only five global model projects by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network - a  United Nations initiative to tackle the challenges of making ambitious changes to our global agriculture and food systems. 

The Mulloon Institute has been selected for its world-class methodologies and integrated science research program. Learnings from the MCLRP, together with inputs from four other model projects from around the world, will contribute to the development of globally applicable agricultural pathways and farming best practice models that are productive, profitable and sustainable. 

We will work closely with the federal and state government and our partners including Australian National University and NSW Department of Primary Industries to formulate global policy guidelines for potential pathways to sustainable agriculture practices. Other model projects in China, Uruguay and the United Kingdom have also been selected.


Launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in August 2012, the SDSN mobilises scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society, and the private sector in support of sustainable development problem solving at local, national, and global scales.

The UN's global Sustainable Development Goals were committed to by all UN Member States in October 2015 in New York City, with the target to develop pathways and political guidelines to help countries achieve goals to ultimately improving global poverty, environment, peace, governance and economy.

We extend a huge thank you to the vision, hard work and dedication of our partners, supporters and community.

Click here to learn more about the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the global Sustainable Development Goals. 

20 Million Trees Project Approved

It's with great excitement we announce The Mulloon Institute has been given the nod to contribute to the Federal Government's 20 Million Trees initiative. With valuable funding provided by the initiative, we will purchase thousands of native seeds and seedlings for revegetation activities across the Mulloon catchment, from the creek to the hillside and gullies.

The 20 Million Trees programme aims to plant - you guessed it - 20 million native trees across Australia by 2020 by engaging with and supporting community groups, councils, companies and individuals to help reach this goal. The initiative supports building resilience, creating more inviting green spaces for recreation and community activity as well as improving connectivity of native vegetation, particularly beneficial for nationally listed threatened species identified at and around the project site.

Because this is quite a huge undertaking, we will be welcoming three new Green Army (Round 4) teams to Mulloon mid-year to work on-site with us to revegetate Mulloon as part of the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project. Over 12 months, they will prepare sites for planting and carry out necessary weeding, before taking on a mammoth job of planting over 7,000 trees on the project site.

Rest assured we will keep you posted on the efforts. 

Green Army Round 4 Teams Secured for 2016

Green Army team at Mulloon 2015

Green Army team at Mulloon 2015

More fantastic news! In addition to the teams lined up through the 20 Million Trees program, The Mulloon Institute has also been successful in its application to host another three project teams through the Green Army Round 4 application from mid 2016. 

Our new recruits will pick up where the Round 3 crew left off and will spend 6 months each at the Mulloon catchment, getting their hands dirty and working supervised to deliver important landscape rehydration activities including installing creek ecostructures, weeding and site preparation activities.

The Green Army initiative mutually provides valuable work experience and training for 17-24 year old participants as well as much appreciated on-ground assistance for the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project. Each Green Army crew comprises nine team members and a supervisor, and will come with a troop carrier, trailer and tools. We're looking forward to having many hands on deck over the next year.

If you are interested in being a part of Green Army Projects, or know someone who might be, click here to register your interest.