20 million trees

20 Million Trees Project Approved

It's with great excitement we announce The Mulloon Institute has been given the nod to contribute to the Federal Government's 20 Million Trees initiative. With valuable funding provided by the initiative, we will purchase thousands of native seeds and seedlings for revegetation activities across the Mulloon catchment, from the creek to the hillside and gullies.

The 20 Million Trees programme aims to plant - you guessed it - 20 million native trees across Australia by 2020 by engaging with and supporting community groups, councils, companies and individuals to help reach this goal. The initiative supports building resilience, creating more inviting green spaces for recreation and community activity as well as improving connectivity of native vegetation, particularly beneficial for nationally listed threatened species identified at and around the project site.

Because this is quite a huge undertaking, we will be welcoming three new Green Army (Round 4) teams to Mulloon mid-year to work on-site with us to revegetate Mulloon as part of the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project. Over 12 months, they will prepare sites for planting and carry out necessary weeding, before taking on a mammoth job of planting over 7,000 trees on the project site.

Rest assured we will keep you posted on the efforts.