Consider volunteering with us this spring

Consider volunteering with us this spring

The Mulloon Institute is working to restore the health and vitality of the entire Mulloon catchment through the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project, covering 23,000ha of land and 50kms of streams.

This spring we’ll need hands-on volunteers to help with on-ground works for one or more full days, between 15 October and 1 December 2018. Groups are encouraged to take part too.

Drones at Duralla

2018-08-2 - Surveying Duralla - John Troughton-600px.jpg

Dr John Troughton and Revolution Ag have been surveying the landscape at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms recently using drones fitted with special cameras. 

By mapping the farmland at Duralla and combining that information with data collected from our climate stations, they’ve been able to monitor how the landscape reacts to the application of Biodynamic preparations. In most cases the effect has been immediate.

Read more about how Revolution Ag can help with 'Regenerative & Sustainable Agriculture'.

Photo by Dr John Troughton.

Senator Jim Molan visits MCNF

Senator Jim Molan visits MCNF

Senator Jim Molan visited The Mulloon Institute today to learn more about our work restoring the natural function of the Mulloon Creek watershed in southern New South Wales, and building resilience to climate extremes such as drought. This model can be adapted for different climates and catchments across Australia to assist farmers restore productivity and environment at the same time. 

Farming Together forum


Luke Peel and Scott Middlebrook attended the Farming Together forum at the Australian National University in June for a number of great presentations and case studies looking at the power and effectiveness of farm/business cooperatives and collaborations. It was an insightful day with quality networking and possibilities for further discussions about potential synergies, highlighting how the MCLRP fits with the farming together co-op style and building of community.

Farming Together forum program  |  Presentations & pictures

[IMAGE: courtesy of Farming Together]

A delicious way to support us


Did you know that by purchasing organic, pasture-raised eggs from Mulloon Creek Natural Farms you are also supporting the work of The Mulloon Institute?

In fact, profits earned from egg sales at MCNF are reinvested to assist the institute with funding ongoing research into landscape restoration.

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms' eggs are stocked in various locations:
Australian Capital Territory  |  New South Wales
Harris Farm Markets  |  Cafes & Restaurants