Habitat helping threatened species


The Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project in southern NSW is helping support several threatened and vulnerable species by rebuilding the functionality and resilience of Mulloon Creek, its riparian corridor, tributaries, floodplains, wetlands, hills and woodlands. 

The project encompasses 23,000 hectares and 50 kilometres of creeks and tributaries and forms a critical biodiversity corridor connecting the Tallaganda National Park with the protected State Reserve of the Mid-Shoalhaven Water Catchment

Species in the NSW Southern Highlands region which are locally Threatened or Vulnerable and that are benefiting from this catchment-scale rehabilitation work include: Scarlet Robins, Flame Robins, Diamond Firetails, Red-capped Robins, White-winged Trillers, Red-browed Finches, Eastern Yellow Robins, Azure Kingfishers, Restless Flycatchers, Lathams Snipes, Common Eastern Froglets, Plains Froglets, Spotted Marsh Frogs, Eastern Banjo Frogs, Peron’s Tree Frogs, Whistling Tree Frogs and Smooth Toadlets.

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