East Gippsland Landcare visit

We were excited to have a group of innovative Victorian farmers join us for a creek walk in February 2019 at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms to learn about the regenerative practices being implemented here. Thanks for visiting East Gippsland Landcare Network and Far East Victoria Landcare!

If your local Landcare group is interested in a similar tour, we can provide these for 25 people incorporating visits to the Mulloon Creek rehabilitation area and the step diffusion system on slope country, followed by a presentation and Q&A session in the Barn. These generally run from 9am to 2pm with a short lunch break.

If you would like to bring larger numbers or have a more tailored tour, this can also be negotiated and arranged. School groups are also welcome. For all enquiries, please contact us via info@themullooninstitute.org to discuss your options.