Onsite consultation for The Scots College


Mulloon Consulting, Contracting and Certifying (MCCC) visited The Scots College's 'Bannockburn' property during February 2018 for an onsite consultation at Culburra on the NSW south coast.

Cam Wilson and Carolyn Hall toured the property with property manager Duncan McMaster to identify how the landscape is currently functioning, and then met with Duncan and Kym McMaster to develop an understanding of future plans for the site.

Duncan and Kym are keen to develop the property into a regenerative agriculture enterprise with the key focus being on education for students from The Scots College, by involving them in various aspects of agricultural production and providing them with hands-on experiential learning.

The Bannockburn site has great potential for improved productivity so the next step will be preparing a blueprint for landscape rehydration works on the property.

The Mulloon Institute are proud to continue building their relationship with The Scots College and influencing future farmers and land managers.