World Wetlands Day 2018


Wetlands are so important, for so many reasons!

  • They filter the air and the water.
  • They capture pollutants and recycle nutrients.
  • They are full of biodiversity
  • They are wildlife nurseries and refuges.
  • They dissipate solar energy and moderate climate extremes.
  • They capture carbon and build landscapes.

While 95% of the world’s wetlands have been destroyed or are severely degraded, here at The Mulloon Institute we are trying to turn this story around, one step at a time. 

Our current project – the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project – covers an entire catchment of 23,000 hectares, including nearly 50 km of creek creeks and tributaries including Mulloon, Reedy, Sandhills and Shiel Creeks. The project area forms a critical biodiversity corridor by connecting the Tallaganda National Park with the protected State Reserve of the Mid-Shoalhaven Water Catchment. 

On World Wetlands Day this year, let's spare a thought for this critical component of our living planet.