Fencing for improved creek health at Birkenburn

Green Army members have been fencing a 1.5 km stretch of Sandhills Creek as part of the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project.

Historically this section of creek on the Birkenburn property has been affected by incision and erosion down to underlying bedrock.

However with conservative grazing management, owners Tom Gordon and Martina Shelley have helped improve creek health, resulting in considerable plant diversity, reformation of regular ponds and sections of swampy meadow.

Tom and Martina’s fencing design creates a decent riparian buffer up to 20 metres along the western side of the creek, incorporating valuable remnant stands of Eucalyptus and protecting a large section of reformed swampy meadow.

The new fencing will also give more control over grazing in the area and help protect the diverse native plantings planned for this spring under the 20 Million Trees project.

The Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project aims to rebuild natural landscape function and resilience for the entire Mulloon Catchment and currently involves 20 properties over 23,000 hectares.

Thanks to the project’s various supporters, including the Australian Government’s Green Army and 20 Million Trees programs.