Walking the creek with Peter Andrews

Peter Andrews – independent landscape thinker and founder of Natural Sequence Farming – recently walked a section of Mulloon Creek to help with the planning of the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project.

Natural Sequence Farming involves managing landscapes in a way that restores natural function and resilience, which allows the land to flourish even in times of drought.

The Mulloon Institute is working with 20 landholders within the Mulloon catchment to recreate the successes of the initial pilot project at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms.

Peter gave us some great feedback on the works to date and was happy to sketch out some valuable suggestions.

Thanks Peter, it was great having you out there!

If you are interested in learning about Natural Sequence Farming for yourself, The Mulloon Institute and Tarwyn Park Training will be running a four day training course on it this November 2017.

Click here for more details. http://bit.ly/2tvDQtn