The skies have been buzzing...

The skies above Mulloon Creek Natural Farms have been buzzing with the sound of drones, much to the amusement of resident chickens and their guardian maremma dogs.

The drones form part of a climate and farm monitoring system being trialled at Duralla by Revolution Ag and Mulloon Creek Natural Farms.

The site at Duralla is the first site in Australia to trial Revolution Ag’s solar powered climate stations, of which the drones form an integral part.

The first climate station has been installed in a paddock where it measures soil moisture, rainfall, wind direction, wind speed, air humidity and air density.

A second climate station will also be installed in the brooder shed at Duralla to measure air moisture, air humidity, and temperature.

Both climate stations are fitted with cameras to visually monitor activities in the area, while drones can be used to capture and send additional data back to the climate stations.

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms and The Mulloon Institute are interested to see how these technologies can be integrated into their activities.