ANU Landcare Intrepid visits Mulloon Creek

ANU Intrepid Landcare is a team of young adventurous volunteers (18 to 30s) who meet once a month and travel around volunteering with different Landcare/Bushcare groups in the ACT and beyond. Their projects are a mix of one day local projects and weekend adventures which involve some degree of travel out of the area. The group always explore what each region has to offer and end the day with something fun like kayaking, swimming, surfing or bush walking. ANU Intrepid Landcare also help environmental groups such as NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, private landholders, farmers and other adventure conservation groups to carry out environmental projects.

A group of 18 students from ANU Intrepid Landcare volunteered their weekend on the 25th/ 26th of Jan to learn more about the different projects happening in the landscape of the Upper Shoalhaven and Upper Deua Catchments. Their first stop for the weekend was Mulloon Creek to learn about landscape rehydration. These young landcarers had the chance to ask questions, challenge ideas, eat blackberries and collect seed along the creek bed.

"Going to the Mulloon Institute was a highly rewarding experience for all of us. It was fantastic to see the rehydration of the landscape in action, and the flow on effects of this rehydration to biodiversity, productivity and water filtration. We were all so amazed to see how well this holistic approach to landscape repair is actually working, and will take this new knowledge back to our studies at university." Emily Jones - ANU Intrepid Landcare