National Youth Science Forum at Mulloon

Luke Peel speaks with NYSF group, 2016

Luke Peel speaks with NYSF group, 2016

Last month we welcomed four groups of year 12 students participating in the annual National Youth Science Forum to Mulloon to investigate what a future career in the Agriculture, Food and Biology fields could look like.

Research coordinator, Luke Peel, passed on his knowledge of the history of farming in the area, sharing the inspiring work of The Mulloon Institute's ambitious plan to revitalise the whole landscape and develop agricultural models that are productive, economic and sustainable to share with other communities to revitalise landscapes around Australia and even globally.

Students toured Mulloon Creek with Luke, learning about soil and vegetation monitoring, landscape functionality and rehydration techniques. 

They also learnt how The Mulloon Institute works with collaborative partners such as leading tertiary institutes, and of the variety of opportunities and education paths exist for students with an interest in science.

Nearby farmers Penny Kothe and Paul McKinnon, hosted the students for a few hours at their 100 acre Caroola farm. Here they were privy to how to set up holistic and permaculture farming practices and make a living off farming chickens, pigs, sheep, vegetables and herbs.      

It's fair to say the students left inspired after taking in a large amount of information about farming, environment, food systems and science as well as what individuals and groups are doing in these fields in the local area. Many of the students brought up great questions and showed genuine interest in the project and its outcomes.

The National Youth Science Forum is a 12-day program open to senior high school students interested in exploring a career in science. To find out more about the program, read on here.