Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair visits Mulloon

The Mulloon Institute was honoured to receive a visit from The NSW Minister for Primary Industries and Minister for Land and Water, Niall Blair.

Joining us for the day, the Minister met with key stakeholders of the Mulloon Community Landscape Rehydration Project (MCLRP) and inspected both the site of the original pilot project and the site for the new community project where preparatory scientific baselining is currently being conducted to underpin the results of the regeneration work with hard evidence.

Local Land Services NSW and other agencies of the NSW Department of Primary Industries have been working with The Mulloon Institute to develop the project, which covers 23000 hectares of land over 40 km of creeks and involves upwards of 16 landholders.

Michael Thomes, the Executive Director of The Mulloon Institute said "We are delighted that the Minister took the time to inspect the project, we had very constructive discussions and look forward to the next steps."

The MCLRP is a project which uses a triple bottom line approach, integrating repair of the ecology, community engagement and economic returns to regenerate the entire catchment of the Mulloon Creek. MI is facilitating the project in close cooperation with the government and a number of leading universities under the leadership of the ANU.